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The Advisere Supplier Network (ASN) is an extensive database of global suppliers from across business and technology areas. Advisere actively tracks top service suppliers from all over the world to participate in our Supplier Network. ASN member companies are leaders and niche players in various global markets and domains.


We track firms across global locations including Canada, China, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico & Philippines and other suppliers from emerging markets such as Caribbean, Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia &  South Africa.


To counter the risks of globally services delivery, the Advisere team also conducts country risk evaluations. Our team has a thorough knowledge of the offshore landscape, sensitivity to client’s business issues, global cost structures, potential global locations, expertise in the local regulatory and policy framework and experience in successfully delivering geographically distributed services.


In order to be part of the ASN, Advisere conducts thorough evaluations based on several delivery parameters and industry best practices. Some of these evaluations may also be eSCM-SP mini-evaluations (if a client or a service provider requests it) . In certain instances, Advisere has also helped Service Providers implement sourcing best practices related to the eSCM-SP Supplier Quality Model.


If you are an Information Technology or Business Process Service Provider, and would like to be part of ASN, please contact our Supplier Management Office at


Once we receive your request, we will send out a detailed questionnaire to be filled. Once the filled questionnaire is received by our Supplier Relations team, a conference call will be scheduled for clarifications and further discussions. If a Provider successfully meets the entry criteria, they are included in the ASN database. 

Advisere Supplier Network
Advisere constantly tracks the global supplier market and evaluates service providers to ensure that our clients make well-informed decisions to choose the right partners. 
eSCM-SP Model to Evaluate Suppliers
Advisere is  the first Independent Advisory firm to adopt the Carnegie Mellon eSCM-SP Supplier Quality Model,  focused on sourcing of IT & IT Enabled services to minimize risks in supplier selection and ongoing program management.
Shocking Statistic !!!
A 'Reality Check' of outsourcing relationships reveals that 20%-25% of all outsourcing relationships fail in 2 years, and 50% of these relationships fail within 5 years. (Source: D&B). Advisere helps proactive address these risks and avoid failure.

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