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Optimizing Business Process Sourcing

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What is Success?

"The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right."  

                 Edward Simmons

Optimizing Business Process Sourcing

Every business is unique, each organization has its own goals and unique business processes that make it different from its competitors. And, hence - the 'cookie-cutter' approach to service delivery / outsourcing rarely works. An objective evaluation of the existing service delivery model is the first step towards profitability. Also, Business Processes are sourced and delivered via various models that include Internal Business & Support Departments (Decentralized); Centralized Centers (Cost centers); Shared Service Centers (Profit Centers - with 'charge-backs'); Outsourced to third parties; Joint Ventures with providers and Global Delivery Centers.

Advisere helps determine the model that works for your unique business needs. Email us at for a free introductory workshop.

Outsourcing is just one of the many options...
Make the Right decisions
Outsourcing processes and functions to lower cost locations is being increasingly used as a 'reactive' strategy to reduce operating costs. Long-term success lies in 'proactively' measuring performance & identifying areas of improvement prior to developing a sourcing strategy and re-aligning it to overall business goals to achieve true 'Business Optimization'. A well-thought out 'Sourcing Strategy' is becoming a critical success factor for organizations, given the rapidly changing technology landscape and increasing competitive pressures.

Are you evaluating Outsourcing?

Have you decided to Outsource?

Have you already Outsourced?

Outsourcing Feasibility Assessment

If your organization is at a stage where outsourcing is being considered as a cost-optimization option, Advisere offers a 5-day workshop to assess the feasibility of outsourcing for your business, conducts empirical comparison of alternative sourcing strategies and helps you PLAN  the roadmap. 

Explore how your organization rates on the Advisere 'Feasibility Quadrant'             

Sourcing Strategy and Partner Selection

If a strategic decision to implement outsourcing has been made, it is crucial to objectively evaluate and decide the sourcing model & sourcing strategy; evaluate the processes and/or business functions to consider to outsource; understand the Service Provider landscape; decide on which geographies to consider. Advisere helps EVALUATE & IMPLEMENT all option to ensure an informed decision.       

Managing the Sourcing Relationship

If your organization has selected a service provider, the sourcing strategy/model, the location and the processes to be outsourced, then you are ready to IMPLEMENT & MANAGE the sourcing relationship

Explore how Advisere can help you measure, track and manage the right metrics to avoid surprises and risks..                        


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