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The Advisere Service Portfolio

Advisere's mission is to assist organizations become more profitable, by improving Business Process Performance and Optimizing Process Delivery. Our service offerings include:


Process Health/ Performance Assessments

Our unique approach to Business Process Optimization starts with the business objective and works towards evaluating solutions to improve Business Process Performance. As a result of the Business Process Consulting phase, an assessment of individual processes / functions is conducted to determine current performance and identify opportunities for improvement (including Outsourcing, if required).


The Advisere proprietary Process Performance Measurement (ppM) Matrix tool helps organizations assess Business and Support Process Performance to identify opportunities for:

  • Reduction of non-value added activities

  • Reduction in cycle times

  • Reduction of errors / defects

  • Improvement in productivity

eSCM Capability Determinations and Mini-Assessments

The Advisere team has trained and certified experts on the eSourcing Capability Model (eSCM) by Carnegie Mellon's IT Services Qualification Center.  Advisere teams perform eSCM Capability Determinations  that evaluate the implementation the eSourcing Capability Model. 


Areas that are considered include:

  • Knowledge Management 

  • People Management

  • Performance Management

  • Relationship Management

  • Technology Management

  • Threat Management

  • Contracting

  • Service Design & Deployment

  • Service Delivery

  • Service Transfer

Some of the deliverables of these assessments are:  

  • Assessment of Current Outsourcing Program

    • By Maturity Level

    • By Business Area

    • By Phase (Ongoing / Initiation / Delivery / Completion)

  • Strengths & Opportunities for Improvement

Baseline Definition

Advisere assists organizations in measuring current process performance to baseline existing business processes based on tested benchmarks & best practices. Based on the business objectives established by the organization, Advisere provides business process consulting to evaluate existing processes and their efficiencies via models such as Value Chain Analysis, Activity Based Costing (ABC) and recommend solutions to improve efficiencies, prior to recommending a Business Optimization or Sourcing Strategy


Outsourcing Feasibility Assessment (Organizational Feasibility and/or Process Feasibility)

Advisere conducts focused workshops to assess outsourcing feasibility at 2 levels - Organization Level ad Process Level.


Macro economic labor differentials are driving corporations to explore the advantages of global delivery to optimize costs and maximize efficiencies. Industry studies suggest a growing trend for outsourcing services worldwide. However, the entire outsourcing revolution deserves a closer look. through the reality check glasses.


What most organizations overlook is that 'Outsourcing' is just one of ways of achieving cost and process efficiencies. Thus, outsourcing initiatives must be evaluated with respect to business objectives of any organization.

Advisere brings these best practices to the forefront and helps build the necessary requisites for successful sourcing / outsourcing engagements via different business models and to assist clients achieve their true business objectives


Outsourcing/Offshore Location Assessments 

To counter the risks of globally services delivery, the Advisere team offers specific location & country risk evaluations. Our team has a  thorough knowledge of the offshore landscape, sensitivity to client business issues, global cost structures, potential global locations (Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Caribbean countries, India, Ireland, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, South Africa), expertise in the local regulatory and policy framework and experience in successfully delivering geographically distributed services. The Advisere team utilizes the AdviSource Methodology and eSCM-SP to advise its clients on navigating the landscape successfully.


Sourcing Model Assessment

Once an overall sourcing strategy and business objectives are determined, the Advisere team evaluates sourcing models to select the one that best meets the business objectives.


Outsourcing is a high risk high reward activity and must be addressed with a balanced approach and a microscopic eye for detail. Much of the success depends on how the pre-contract as well as post-contract phases are managed.


Depending upon the business objectives& detailed analysis, one or more of the following models may be suitable for your environment. 

  • Joint Venture

  • Delivery Alliance

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Outsourcing models 

    • Multi-vendor

    • Single vendor 

    • Co-sourcing

  • Internal Sourcing

    • Onshore Shared Services Centers

    • Offshore Shared Services Centers

    • Offshore/Global Delivery Centers

  • Build Operate Transfer models

Success lies in selecting the right model.

Outsourcer Evaluations

Advisere manages the complete supplier selection process from research & request-for-proposal development to detailed analysis and evaluations. 


With the surge in the number of Services Providers in recent years, differentiation has been an issue in this landscape, due to the nature of services - commoditized yet critical. Mapping the Service Provider landscape to evaluate and identify the right partner is a challenge with the limited resources and time available with organizations today. 


Advisere facilitates partner selection and evaluation, equipped with its repository and knowledge database of suppliers with diverse capabilities and strengths. AdviSource provides the necessary tools and benchmarks to ensure this. Advisere can also conduct detailed eSCM-SP audits to assess supplier capabilities and perform objective supplier selection.


Outsourcing Relationship Management

For any sourcing relationship to be successful, managing expectations and building strong partnerships is essential. Often times, companies consider signing of an outsourcing contract to be the end of the game. Actually, this is the beginning. One in four outsourcing relationships fail within 2 years. Lack of communication and mismatched expectations between the client and the supplier is one of the primary reasons for failure. Advisere ensures that the relationship actually achieves the business objectives it had established by implementing Relationship Management Best Practices.


Governance Model Implementation

Ongoing Risk Management and Program Management are important to the overall health of the sourcing engagement. The client and supplier are in it for different objectives - clients wants to save money and providers want to make money. Advisere balances the scenario and makes sure objectives are met through the implementation of a suitable Governance Model.


Service Level Management

In the post contract phase, Advisere provides performance and service level management, high level risk management, periodic evaluation of outsourcing initiatives and relationships against established success factors / objectives, and ongoing relationship management.

Advisere Value Proposition
Industry studies suggest a growing trend and market for IT / Business Process outsourcing services worldwide. But Outsourcing is no 'silver bullet'. A reality check of many outsourcing relationships reveals that 20%-25% of outsourcing relationships fail in a 2 year period.

As a Business Optimization Catalyst, Advisere helps customers build an overall strategy to avoid common mistakes and manage associated risks to ensure success via:

* Independent Advisory
* Balance of client industry experience & sourcing expertise
* Knowledge of global cost & delivery structures
* Vendor-neutral best practices capabilities
* Benchmarking & Business Process expertise

Shocking Statistic !!!
A 'Reality Check' of outsourcing relationships reveals that 20%-25% of all outsourcing relationships fail in 2 years, and 50% of these relationships fail within 5 years. (Source: D&B). Advisere helps proactive address these risks and avoid failure.

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