Improving  Business Process Performance

Optimizing Business Process Sourcing

Phase1: PLAN
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The PLAN phase is critical to establishing Program objectives and defining the criteria for success. This phase kicks off the Program and focuses on building a draft Plan or Roadmap for achieving the objectives established. 


The Program is typically kicked off with an Assessment Workshop to conduct a study of existing Business objectives, Operating Environment, Processes and IT Infrastructure. The duration of this study is typically 3-5 days.

At the end of this Assessment, a Business Process Map of existing business processes and the IT infrastructure is developed to guide the rest of the initiative, identify the degree of integration, process hierarchy and evaluate ongoing performance. Measuring the performance of specific processes is sometimes involved to determine the feasibility of outsourcing. For more information on how your organization rates on the Advisere 'Feasibility Quadrant', please send us an email at

A Strategic Initiatives Team is formed in this phase that includes representatives from relevant Business Units, Business Process Owners and Advisere project members. The Strategic Initiatives Team defines key characteristics of ongoing and future projects. Criteria for outsourcing potential business processes/projects are determined in this phase and a matrix of such projects and processes is built. 

Key tasks performed include: 

  • Definition of Objectives & Goals (Short term & Long term)

  • Project Kick-off and Strategic Initiatives Team formation

  • Workshop to study organizations existing setup and Business Processes

  • Scope Determination

  • Existing Process Review Business Process Hierarchy, Process Health and Structure  

  • Organizational Roles and Responsibilities Review

  • Business Process Effectiveness Study (by Process) 

  • Metrics Definition 

  • Process Performance measurement 

  • Identification of improvement options 

Goals to be achieved:

  • Common understanding of program objectives

  • Clear understanding of objectives

Deliverables: (At the end of the PLAN phase include)

  • Objective Definition and Success Criteria

  • Scope Definition including Matrix of Potential processes / projects for consideration

  • Shortlist of projects / processes to be considered for improvement / outsourcing

  • Existing Business Process Map

  • Existing Business Process Performance Metrics and Measures

  • Existing Process Effectiveness Assessment Findings
    Identified potential solutions / improvement options
    Program Roadmap / Blueprint

  • Program Plan, Charter & Proposed Schedule

Evaluation are made of  Improvement Strategies (BPR or Sourcing); Sourcing Models (Insource or Outsource); Alternatives to Outsourcing; Geographical Locations ; Potential Vendors/Suppliers/Products and Selection criteria &  Risk Mitigation Options are defined.
Implements the decisions of the EVALUATE phase. Negotiations are finalized;  Expectations defined; Service Level Agreements setup; Contracts finalized, Transition Plans fine-tuned and; Baseline Assessment are conducted to assess the current performance.
Phase4: MANAGE
Ensures that the planned engagement and relationship provides anticipated value at an ongoing basis. A Governance model is developed; Executive Steering Committee setup to review and manage relationship and Program Management ensures project performance. 

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