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Two Edged Sword !!
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Outsourcing is no 'Silver Bullet'....

A reality check of many outsourcing relationships reveals that 25% of all outsourcing relationships fail within a 2 year period and over 50% of these relationships will fail within 5 years. Think if you would buy an automobile if the same statistic applied. Then, why do organizations continue to do so, over & over even after experiencing similar failures. Find out why these failures happen and how to avoid them...


Traditional Outsourcing of Information Technology (IT) Services, IT Enabled Services and Business Processes may be an attractive sourcing model if implemented correctly after taking an informed decision. Some of the questions to consider include:

  • Is Outsourcing (Onshore / Nearshore / Offshore ) the only option ?

  • What are some other options for cost reduction and profitability improvement?

  • Is Outsourcing going to help achieve long-term business goals of the organization?

  • Are we Outsourcing simply because our competitors are doing so? If so, why? If not, why?

  • What are the common pitfalls & risks to be aware of? How does one avoid these pitfalls and mitigate these risks?

  • What Sourcing Strategy or Model should be adopted? 

  • Which geographical location would work best for your business and your customers?

  • How does one obtain objective and unbiased advice?

  • How to select the right vendor/provider/supplier, if required? 

  • Can one trust a vendorís recommendations? 

  • How does one identify the ideal project(s) or processes to outsource/optimize?

  • How will performance and ongoing success be measured?

Advisere can help you answer some of these tough questions. Email us at  for a free introductory workshop.

Are you evaluating Outsourcing?
If your organization is at a stage where outsourcing is being considered as a cost-optimization option, Advisere offers a 5-day workshop to assess the feasibility of outsourcing for your business.
Have you decided to Outsource?
If a strategic decision to outsource has been made, Advisere helps objectively evaluate and decide the Sourcing Model & Sourcing Strategy; evaluate the Processes and/or Business Functions to outsource; and understand the Service Provider landscape.
Have you already Outsourced?
If a service provider and sourcing model has already been selected, Advisere can help you measure, track and manage the sourcing relationship to avoid risks and ensure success.

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