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Evaluating 'Offshore values Onshore' TM 

The economy today and competitive market conditions force firms to constantly improve their profitability.  Global sourcing has provided them to a somewhat easy solution. 

Industry Drivers for Offshore Outsourcing

  • Increasing competitive pressures on companies across industries to reduce costs.

  • Skilled labor force is available at lower costs outside the US in developing economies

  • Rapid decline in global telecom and computing costs that has facilitated remote operations

  • Rapid growth in internet reliability and functionality

  • Successful adoption of global strategies by industry leaders and large corporations has also forced competitors to look at offshore outsourcing.

The Ongoing Debate: 


There is an ongoing debate on outsourcing of jobs outside the US (offshore outsourcing) and how this has both positively and negatively impacted the US economy. The arguments include: 


For Offshore Outsourcing

  • Improves Corporate Profitability.

  • Beneficial for the US economy in the long run.

  • Corporate profits are being ploughed back into the US

  • For every job being offshored, the US economy creates 1.5 jobs in the US

Against Offshore Outsourcing

  • Loss of local high-tech & services jobs to other countries

  • Unemployed workforce

  • Disgruntled workforce

  • Loss of interest in high-tech, software and services jobs

  • Loss of job opportunities for college students

Also, Opposition (both political & social) to offshore outsourcing has left several firms with no alternatives.


A Possible Middle Path Outsourcing to Native American Reservations


Advisere research suggests that 'Outsourcing to Native American Reservations' provides a middle path to this dilemma. This program provides a 'Best of Both Worlds' capability to corporate America by providing 'Offshore values Onshore'. Successful examples of such initiatives already exist.


The Economic Factors 


The value is derived from several areas, some of them are listed below:

  • Federal laws provide specific assistance to enterprises investing in and conducting business on Native American Reservations.

  • Accelerated depreciation of property on Native American Reservations allows business to depreciate their capital expenses more rapidly, there by improving profitability and Internal-Rate-of-Return. 

  • Tax credits and other incentives are available for locating business operations on reservations, and these benefit both the capital and the operational side.

The Social Factors


Establishing Service Delivery Centers on Native American Reservations isn't just an opportunity to save costs, this program also helps create jobs in the US and improve the standard of living for Native Americans.


For more information on how to setup this program, please email us at 


Overcoming the Digital Divide & Social Responsibility

Technology and its applications are increasingly conditioning the kind of environment we live in, often resulting in a divide between those who have access to it and those that do not - Digital Divide. 

Advisere also helps facilitating technology access to Native American Reservations to assist with community and economic development in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. Our focus areas include:

* Education (Technology access and training / Digital Library project / Home schooling initiatives / Health Care education / Cultural / Language initiatives)

*  Infrastructure development (Water Management / Health care Services / Energy Utilization & Management / Environment Preservation / Agriculture)


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