Improving  Business Process Performance

Optimizing Business Process Sourcing

Phase4: MANAGE
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This phase is essential to ensure that the planned engagement and relationship provides anticipated value at an ongoing basis. 

This would require a governance model to implement the discipline required in ensuring success. To gain the highest level of value from this initiative, the Strategic Initiatives Team works closely and productively with the service provider chosen. Both organizations must commit time and resources to achieve an effective & efficient governance.

The governance model also addresses processes to manage issues and problems when they arise, determining the viability of the relationship and assessing ongoing performance.

Advisere will help in the following areas:

  • Developing and establishing a governance model including a management and administrative structure

  • Establishing Reporting and Meeting Requirements to review progress periodically

  • Establishing Escalation and Issue Management processes

  • Appointing a Steering Committee consisting of key stakeholders

  • Managing and monitoring changes in scope of work

  • Recalibrating Service Level Agreements

  • Conducting Periodic Visits offshore to review vendor performance

  • Conducting Buy out Evaluations, if required

Deliverables (during the MANAGE phase)

  • Executive steering committee to review and manage the relationship

  • Program management to manage day-to-day operations

  • Criteria & Recommendations for maintaining or discontinuing the relationship at the end of the relationship agreement

  • Recalibrated Service Levels (if required)

  • Site Visit Reports

Phase1: PLAN
Establishes Program objectives and defines the criteria for success. This phase kicks off the Program and focuses on building a draft Plan for achieving established objectives. Assessment Workshop is conduced to study Business Objectives, Operating Environment and, Business Processes.
Evaluation are made of  Improvement Strategies (BPR or Sourcing); Sourcing Models (Insource or Outsource); Alternatives to Outsourcing; Geographical Locations ; Potential Vendors/Suppliers/Products and Selection criteria &  Risk Mitigation Options are defined.
Implements the decisions of the EVALUATE phase. Negotiations are finalized;  Expectations defined; Service Level Agreements setup; Contracts finalized, Transition Plans fine-tuned and; Baseline Assessment are conducted to assess the current performance.

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