Improving  Business Process Performance

Optimizing Business Process Sourcing

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During the IMPLEMENT phase, final negotiations are made with the final vendor/s selected, based on their proposals and responses and market data.

This phase is especially important in ensuring expectations are defined and met over the period of the engagement. Service Level agreements and Service credits are determined and negotiated. During this phase, legal counsel may also be required to structure a fair and enduring contract, with enough flexibility.

Any outsourcing contract is as good as its Transition Plan. Once the contract is executed between Wabtec and the vendor/s, a thorough Baseline Assessment will be conducted to assess the current performance of projects / processes against defined metrics / Service Level Agreements. This will provide a baseline to measure future performance.

In order to ensure that the ensuing change in the organization is appropriately managed and knowledge transfer is effectively conducted between the current project teams and supplier teams, a detailed Transition Plan will be prepared. This plan will address:

  • Technological changes

  • Employee role redefinitions

  • New Process definitions

  • Communication Process

  • Training Requirements

During Transition, key stakeholders from both parties will be trained, in addition to the project teams. For a certain portion of the Transition, some amount of productivity loss may be anticipated, owing to duplication of work at client and supplier in the case of an outsourced solution.

Deliverables (At the end of the IMPLEMENT phase)

  • Negotiation Terms

  • Recommended Service Levels and Credits

  • Executed Contract

  • Baseline Assessment

  • Transition Plan

  • Trained Stakeholders

Phase1: PLAN
Establishes Program objectives and defines the criteria for success. This phase kicks off the Program and focuses on building a draft Plan for achieving established objectives. Assessment Workshop is conduced to study Business Objectives, Operating Environment and, Business Processes.
Evaluation are made of  Improvement Strategies (BPR or Sourcing); Sourcing Models (Insource or Outsource); Alternatives to Outsourcing; Geographical Locations ; Potential Vendors/Suppliers/Products and Selection criteria &  Risk Mitigation Options are defined.
Phase4: MANAGE
Ensures that the planned engagement and relationship provides anticipated value at an ongoing basis. A Governance model is developed; Executive Steering Committee setup to review and manage relationship and Program Management ensures project performance. 

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